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November 19, 2013


Elex Dusk

Road use dropped off almost completely following the elimination of telehubs back in the glory days. Once people could teleport directly to a destination instead of arriving at a telehub and then dragging out their car and driving it was like cars disappeared.

I even remember the cab drivers that used to linger around telehubs looking for fares.

AMT wasn't the first though for robotic vehicles trucking about. Years ago there was a blimp by Cubey Terra that would float above the roads on the Old Continent and move slowly from sim to sim.

Memories. *sigh*

Prokofy Neva

Well, there has always been road use, and it has grown steadily. I do see about every 10th vehicle not AMT's in the past with a real person. Some people just like riding their fancing cars and motorcycles around. The trains get use, too.

I'm not sure if there was a real drop off over the telehubs because people used to fly. I remember the long flight over multiple sims to get to Ravenglass -- it seemed to be 1,000 kilometers or something. On some sims, you just couldn't fly, there was something about void sims and boundaries that prevented flight for some people -- this was a real technical barrier that assholes like Jauani Wu could never admit, pretending we needed "flying lessons".

I remember there were a few people that offered lifts on some kind of device that had teleport locations packed into a HUD or something scripted before there were HUDS. Yes, Cubey used to pick up newbies and get them to visit his air base and buy stuff, I thought it was a real racket, the Lindens featured him all the time, they allowed him to advertise in infohubs and pick up newbies, and they pretended that this didn't enhance his business, which of course it did. I know, because I was one of those newbies, and I bought a flight suit from Cubey.

There was some other guy, forgetting the name now, that sold something that took you around with a backpack. Then there as that bus made by Lewis Nerd. I actually used to have it deployed at my newbies' rentals, it was helpful.

The Lindens allowed their FIC base to talk them into removing telehubs, and the economy never really recovered. They did this at the behest of their oldbie pals with stores very far from the newer hubs, which were taken over by Anshe Chung. It was spite.

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