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November 16, 2013



On NWN, There are stories about Rosedale's new project. Supposedly Linden Lab was one of the backers/supporters etc. Someone speculated that the change in the TOS could be to make it easier for people to port their SL items to Rosedale's new VR.

Who knows?

He did base his new VR on what was used in "Ready Player One". Yet another book about an apocalyptic future where most people live in slavery and extreme poverty. Their only outlet is an online prison.

Perrie Juran

Really we should have all stopped replying to you in the Forum thread after you made this comment, "Would like to hear this from a Linden, and not the know-it-all user base."

If that is who you think we are why did you even bother asking in the Forum?

But then you went even further insulting us with this statement, "I think it's probably predicated on vast, vast stores of insecurity, that come from people who in fact are self-taught, or at least, not recognized computer professionals working at IBM or something, but just kids who learned online."

First off, I am not insecure. I am very secure in my knowledge on this subject. Secondly I am anything but a "kid." And I think it should be pretty obvious from the tone with which most of us replied to you that you were not talking with "kids."

Additionally, what is wrong with being "self taught?" Most of the knowledge that people have is self taught. Do you discredit any knowledge someone has because they weren't taught it? That makes no sense.

Lastly, Cache is what it is. It works the way it does by clearly defined rules that any one can look up. It exists on your hard drive for the length of time that the applicable program determines (hence the word "temporary).

This is something that you can easily look up yourself. But I guess because then that would be for you "self taught," your knowledge, by your own stated attitude, would not be dependable. Talk about having "insecurities." You are by your own words manifesting the epitome of being insecure.

You came to us with a theory. We debunked it. But rather than admit you were wrong you instead insulted us.

If anything, I think you owe us, the people who took the time to answer your questions, explain to you how Cache worked, provided you links to document what we were saying so you could see we were not just bumping our gums, that you owe us an apology.

You accused us of being "kids." Prove to us that you are an adult by acting like one here.

Prokofy Neva

Probe a nerve, did I Perrie? I think so!

I don't have time to answer this in depth now, but here's the thing once again: if what is held in the cache is not kept there, and is temporary, and is overwritten, then it's the same as being thrown out. That you have to do this manually or it happens from installations of new patches doesn't matter.

The reason I thought each session cleared at least SOME of its data if NOT ALL is because many times, relogging fixes things, and Lindens tell you that. For example, if you change someone's title in the group, on the regular SL viewer, during that same session, that information will change and they can change their title and have the powers work for that role.

But not on Phoenix/Firestorm. On that viewer, they have to relog.

And it seems even on some versions of the official SL viewer.

Relogging fixes a number of things -- like scripts buffering, like the contents of notecards not being visible, etc.

So it stands to reason that SOME information is rejected and/or overwritten.

Obviously, if there is even an issue of having to "clear cache" now and then, derp, something stays in the cache.

But my line of inquiry was to find that out.

Most importantly, I never claimed some paranoic fear of Copybot, and I never even brought up Copybot.

I asked legitimately if this additional saving on the hard drive necessitated the change in the TOS. That's all. It wasn't about copying, but trying to understand the Lindens' logic.

And to see whether their seeming unconcern for copying was driven by some more mechanical concern.

The bile and spiteful stupidity with which these perfectly ordinary and legitimate lines of questioning were met is so typical of the insecure asshole geeks of SL -- of which you are a prime example.

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