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Reading through, it seems more like a personal rant against Cory Doctorow. There are a number of problems with the posting. Some might be more obvious than others.

1) Doctorow's first books and short story collections were cc-licensed. I doubt that the boingboing blog has a 1:1 correspondence with his sci-fi audience -- I didn't know of the blog until after I read several of his books.
2) This is the internet. People don't have to travel across the world to spam. A lot of things that are worth buying will be reproduced and travel by themselves, particularly if reproduction is encouraged, and plenty of people spend enough of their free time on the net to spam their works without extra effort. The 'traveling salesman' bit therefore seems like an obvious strawman, or at best the retort of someone who doesn't use computers often.
3) "Remove DRM" isn't the same thing as "give away free". This kind of mental equivalence is particularly amusing since DRM is generally cracked quite quickly -- DRM-enabled stuff is pirated just as much as non-DRM-enabled stuff. Copyleft just tacitly supports the practice, rather than demonizing it.

I figure that the author would have more luck convincing people if he didn't rely upon hotbutton terms like "cult" and terms that used to be hotbutton a half-century ago like "communist" in order to pursuade people. It seems like a bit of a crutch.

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How's this for a radical capitalist idea - If an author wants to give his work away that is his business. If you don't want to give yours away then don't. And yet I see that access to your blog is free, and thus waters down the saleability of all intellectual property. Ironic isn't it.

Prokofy Neva

A blog is just a set of casual notes, like a diary. There are people who are professional writers paid for their blogging, and that's a good thing. I actually get tips for this blog. I'd expect to be paid for my writing if I was writing for my jobs professionally.

The idea that "it's his business if he gives it away" is fake laissez-faire capitalism because that's not what is happening.

What's happening is that the nerdy little technocommunist is inciting everyone else to do the same thing, and lying that this is a business model. But it isn't. It's only a "business model" (i.e. racket) for him because he gets lecture fees giong around lecturing people to...give everything away for free...and some people send him tips/book payments. Take that away, he has no business model.
It's utter bullshit.

You need a first and last SL or RL name to continue to post here.

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Account Deleted

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Recovering Hipster

It's a shame that you can't say "communist" without getting accused of being a right-wing nutjob. It's a shame that the right-wing nutjobs have ruined a lot of words, but that doesn't mean the words original meanings are not useful and accurate.

At the end of the day, communism is a system where only certain people are allowed to benefit from the fruits of their labor, and everyone else must share everything they've got in exchange for scraps. (Funny enough, the communist worldview has a lot in common with the Republican worldview.) If you believe that writers should not get paid to write, and should provide free material for others to monetize and profit from via ad revenue, you are more-or-less in-line with communists.

If you think that communism isn't that bad, you're thinking of socialism, which is a much broader term. Socialism co-exists with capitalism and democracy. Communism is at odds with capitalism and democracy.

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